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Watch this video to see one of the biggest problem in "Recycling" of Australia and maybe on your country too.

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Waste Management

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Zharbiz First plant in Philippines will be finalized with City approvals after COVID lockdown situation clears up. Zharbiz also reviewing around 10 additional locations for Waste to Energy Plants in Philippines along with Indonesia, Sri Lanka. It’s also in finalizing plans with Partner for Waste to Energy Plants in Cavite and Laguna, where our partner is also the trash hauling company.


Waste to Energy Plant for 300 to 500 Metric Tons of Waste each day, cost of plant be around $50 million with $40 million financing with $10 million equity from Zharbiz and Partners. Rate of Return around 4 years with life cycle of 25 to 40 Years. On Zharbiz 2020 Audit notes you will see financial plans for the Baguio City Plant.

Waste Management

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Asher Technology The medical waste eliminator an onsite medical waste treatment system during the  Covid-19 crisis, Utilization of *plasma magnetic field  to create activated negative-ion that  leads to decomposition of inorganic  and organic materials through the  process of pyrolysis.

Plasma: Hot ionized gas consisting  approximately equal numbers of positive ions  and negative electrons.

Pyrolysis: A thermal degradation of substance in the absence of oxygen at high  temperature up to 1000 degree Celsius.

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Orion USA Enterprises Technology Plant in Vietnam MBT-  GRE Technology (Mechanical Biological Treatment-Green Energy) have  developed advanced scientific process that transforms all solid waste into useful  energy. What makes our technology different from other technologies? We use  both homogeneous waste and non-homogeneous waste which is the  municipal solid waste as well as all industrial waste as the source of  our feedstock.

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CATALYST GROUP is an Energy Technology  Project Development company based in  Helsinki and Monaco, members of EU. We  work on a technology transfer  collaboration model with local parties and  customers leveraging Finnish R&D & know-  how to bring alternative energy solutions  to international markets.

  • Several solid waste and waste to-energy  projects executed over last ten years.

  • Know-how for executing Waste-to-  Energy –projects (engineering,  procurement, construction  management).

  • Several urban development projects  executed during last ten years.


What We Do


Waste Management

For thousands of years, humans have dealt with waste by either burying in landfills or burning in pits and incinerators. ZHARBIZ, understands that environmental sustainability must go hand in hand with economic sustainability. So we....


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Solving urban traffic congestion, air pollution and car accident fatalities would contribute immensely to a sustainable & brighter future for people living in cities. But that’s not all; UAM can be used for other specific activities, greatly improving operational efficiency....


Waste Management


Education Technology


Transportation Technology



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During pyrolysis, the object’s molecules are subjected to very high  temperatures leading to very high molecular vibrations. At these high molecular vibra...

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