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ZharBiz is a Philippines registered company under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), COMPANY REG NO. CS201801960, with principal office and place of business at 15K CyberOne Bldg., Eastwood City, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City Philippines.


It is an advisory firm with a global outlook and perspective with strong International Partners’ Relationship, specializing in both government and private sectors projects, along with Total Quality Management (TQM) operations in renewable energy, education, hospitality, innovative technology-based development, printing, commodity trading and infrastructure.


ZharBiz Innovative Educational Profile

Education Technology

It has international presence aided by an exemplary and experienced team of professionals, in their respective fields of specialization, and in-depth experience in a broad range of industries to ensure that its services are delivered to the highest quality standards with focus in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal and Vietnam. 


Zharbiz International personally presents in the following countries:

  1. Zharbiz International Inc (Philippines)

  2. PT Zharbiz International (Indonesia)

  3. Zharbiz International Inc (South Africa)

  4. Zharbiz International Inc (Pakistan)

  5. Zharbiz Claned Asia (Labuan FT Malaysia)

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Education Technology

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Claned is a cloud-based  adaptive learning platform. By combining Artificial Intelligence and real-time predictive analytics it provides insight to improve learning outcomes.  Education is the foundation of making the world a better place. We believe in the power of learning and its influence on improving the quality of life and empowering people to achieve more.

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Eduten is a spin-off of University of Turku, Finland, a globally  ranked top 1% university. Eduten provides a digital learning  and teaching innovation called Finland Math to students all  over the world.


Finland Math includes Eduten Playground, a gamified and  AI-based exercise platform that provides a scientifically  proven improvement on learning results, teacher wellbeing  and student motivation.


GraphoGame traces its origins to decades spanning research on the early identification and prevention of dyslexia conducted in Finland. In the study researchers monitored two hundred children to find early-stage predictors of dyslexia. Based on the findings of 18 year long research project, GraphoGame was born.

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EdgeFX is the most trusted Edtech company in India and has won many awards and recognition in the field of technology innovation. 30 years of rich international experience working with academia and students from 122 countries worldwide. We design and manufacture 600+ Indigenous products in the areas of STEM, Electronics, Electrical, Robotics, IOT, Communication etc. Experience of working with the Centre and State Governments, Institutions and Corporates. Recognized by DIPP, Govt of India for innovation. National Startup Awards Winners, Mentors of change with NITI Aayog.


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Waste Management

For thousands of years, humans have dealt with waste by either burying in landfills or burning in pits and incinerators. ZHARBIZ, understands that environmental sustainability must go hand in hand with economic sustainability. So we....


Education Technology

The opportunity

behind e-learning: What is needed for a truly effective &

sustainable e-learning model? The secret lies with elevating the learning experience, motivation and outcomes of the learning act...


Transportation Technology

Solving urban traffic congestion, air pollution and car accident fatalities would contribute immensely to a sustainable & brighter future for people living in cities. But that’s not all; UAM can be used for other specific activities, greatly improving operational efficiency....


Waste Management


Education Technology


Transportation Technology



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During pyrolysis, the object’s molecules are subjected to very high  temperatures leading to very high molecular vibrations. At these high molecular vibra...

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International Ambassador on Climate Change

Diplomatic Enclave Program December 12th, 2020 Interview on Channel 5 with Azhar Khan