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ZharBiz International, Inc. is a Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) that makes it easy for us to deliver the custom learning experiences that address the unique style of teaching, and also it gives the unique needs of individual through just-in-time feedback, pathways, and resources.

This aims to emulate and support(not replace!) the talents of great educators to provide the best possible learning experiences for every single student.

It helps scale the benefits of adaptive learning to tens, hundreds, or thousands of students at a time.

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Using Technologies to Teach Better

In an adaptive learning platform/environment the teacher chooses what to teach. One of the perils of the near infinite content available out there is finding good stuff and understanding how it fits into teaching goals.

Adaptive technology saves teachers from having to find the content, tasking them only with having to determine how well the content the “robot” finds fits in with their teaching goals. By automating the alignment of content to topics/objectives and discovering the right material at the right time for a specific learner, adaptive learning technology allows experts to better devote their time to choosing the best learning experiences for their students. Instructors can then focus on leveraging the information being collected from students to gain a better understanding of whose struggling and what concepts may or may not be working.

With this knowledge, instructors are better empowered to use their own expertise to decide how to react. By not having to deal with the nitty-gritty of the specific pieces of content or questions in this model, they can focus their strategy on how to deliver personalized learning experiences tailored to ensure each student succeeds.

As this education transformation continues, instructors should keep looking to technology as an enabler and extender of human capabilities, never losing sight of the fact that teaching students still requires the human touch. 

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